Green Energy

VEP identified lack of access to affordable, sustainable, and clean energy as a major drawback to the achievement of social and economic development more so by the rural poor communities in Kenya.

VEP, therefore, embarked on an innovative and unique last-mile microfinancing business model that makes it affordable for the poor and underserved rural communities to get access to sustainable clean energy. 

In Green Energy we have:

  • Home Solar Systems
  • Improved Cooking Stoves
  • Biogas


In our leadership role in offering clean energy solutions to the most rural communities in Kenya, we have over the years worked with various stakeholders and support partners in the different fields of renewable energy. These include IFC Lighting Africa, Delight, Solatech LTD, Sunlar Solar LTD, Trony East Africa, and Barefoot/ Smart solar, Global alliance of Cookstoves, Paradigm Kenya, BioLite/EcoZoom, East Africa Energy, and many more.